Project Management & Consultancy

| Retail Consultancy Services

Every great project starts with a vision. Our experienced consultants at Associated Projects help our clients to take their vision for a ‘virtual test run’ to check viability and to provide advice aimed at maximising return.

As a proud member of BDC Partners we have access to not only our in-household team of experienced minds but to leading franchise and retail experts. We can assist business owners and management with every aspect of planning including mapping, modelling, financing, structuring, franchising, leasing, business case proposals, site evaluation, design, ranging, fixture development, systems, training manuals, project management, construction, national fitout services and global fixture supply solutions.

Our clients vary from the health industry, hospitality, hardware and wholesale through to mainstream retail. At the point a potential site is identified we have a detailed process to check viability:

| Site Feasibility 

Step 1: Site Survey: Using our digital survey document we capture all detail of the site which forms the basis of our site evaluation.

Step 2: Site Evaluation: Our experienced team look at every aspect of the site and produce a detailed report and conclusion/ considerations which affect viability. At this stage we also look at the considerations around planning and approvals. This valuable report can be used to determine site feasibility and ensure site considerations and potential costs are considering when negotiating lease deals.

Step 3: Detailed Feasibility: Once our clients moving beyond initial feasibility and the site is at heads of agreement stage or similar we move into detailed feasibility. Depending on the complexity of the site this stage may involve engineering, schematic design, quantity surveying, budgeting and high level programming of works to establish timing.

Step 4: Design: Our team of in-house designers have a flexible approach to the design process depending on whether our clients have an existing concept. In simple terms where there is a blank canvas we start with concept development and where there is a detailed concept pack we move straight into site specific documentation. Our aim through design is to ensure the vision can be built and not to either under document, or over document.

Step 5: Detailed Scoping and Pricing: For every client we produce a detailed scope of works with detailed scop by scope pricing. Where external trades like electrician’s plumbers, mechanical, fire and security contractors are involved we ensure we capture a minimum of 3 competitive prices including from trades local to the job site. This process ensure our clients are receiving the best possible best possible value and provides transparency of all costs.

Step 6: Programming, Procurement and Offsite planning: This stage is critical to ensuring the site runs smoothly and material arrives on site to meet the critical path within our detailed construction program. At this stage we also implement our quality and safety plan in preparation for start on site.

Step 7: Onsite works: Our projects team around the country understand the importance of not just a quality end product but ensuring all stakeholders including landlords, neighbouring tenants, franchisees and representatives of interested parties all have a positive experience through the construction process. Our aim is to deliver a quality build which best represents our client’s brand and which has a low life cycle/ maintenance cost.