Fixture Development

| Retail Fixture Design

Our in-house design and development team work closely with our existing and new clients to develop a suite of fixtures that best suits their needs. Our aim is to not only offer solutions that meet the immediate needs of our clients but use our 60+ years of experience to provide proactive and forward thinking solutions that give our clients a market advantage.

| The Elements to Successful Fixture Design

When looking at fixtures design the most important factor to consider is what value is offered back to the consumer or end user as this is what drives a ‘return’. An example of this is when looking at the design of back of house storage. The exercise is not about designing to achieve the maximum amount of storage whilst of course this a consideration. The aim is to create a space that has good access, is well organised, is logically laid out, is well planned in terms of product types, and is well labelled. These considerations ensure that the staff have a BOH storage facility that is easy to work in & manage hence contributes to the business’s ability to keep the amount of stock on hand to an efficient minimum.

When looking at ‘returns’ from a fixture a balance needs to be achieved where design increases efficiency and/or sales VS the up-front cost of a fixture.  We spend a lot of time working with our clients in value engineering our designs to reduce cost whilst maintaining the integrity. Some the areas that influence costs are material thicknesses, finishes, substrate types, packaging cost, shipping cost, assembly methods and overall design complexity/ simplicity.

| Fixture Prototyping

Once a fixture has been designed on paper we move to physical prototyping in our dedicated prototyping area. This process allows our clients to ‘test drive’ the fixture, testing functionality, assessing aesthetics, and considering overall viability. From our prototype facility the fixture can also be sent out into the client’s ‘live environment’ where it can be tested with the end user as a final test to how well it performs.

| Bulk Production

After the design and prototype phases are complete the fixture can move into bulk production. Bulk production allows us to maximise efficiency and to reduce cost. We utilise our local production as well as suppliers of various components from across the globe to ensure our clients receive the best value possible. Our 6000m2 warehouse facility allows us to safely store bulk fixtures on behalf of our clients and deliver them in an ‘on demand’ basis.