| Choosing a Retail Fitout Company

Choosing a fitout company is a big decision which can impact your return on investment, how quickly you can open, the capital cost, and your lifecycle cost. The Associated Projects Team always take the approach of win-win relationships where our goal for every retail fitout is to ensure our client gets the best possible outcome. Your success is our success!

Every site and every project has it’s own set of unique challenges. Our job, as experts, is to uncover these in the very early stages through detailed site inspections and to then map out a detailed fitout methodology specific to the site. We take nothing for granted and apply the same proven process to all projects big and small.

| Removing the risk from a Retail Fitout

Before we commence any project we consider the following preliminary questions:

  • How is the access to the site from the street?
  • What are the risks on the site? (for workers, for public, for materials, for program, for cost)
  • Where can we set up site amenities?
  • Where can we locate plant/ cranes?
  • Are there any apparent latent conditions are client should know about?
  • Are the existing services suitable? (Electricity,Gas,Water,Sewer,Greasy Waste,Phone)
  • Do the Site Conditions match the plan?
  • Who are the neighbours and interested parties around the site they may need to be consulted?
  • Are there any approvals required that may affect project timing (Planning Approval, Heritage Approval, Road Closure, Footpath Permit, Tree Protection, Services Testing, Building Permit, CDC?
  • Does the site appear ready for construction to commence on time?

Our projects are successful because we are proactive in the above areas and look to remove risk for our clients. The fitout process is very straight forward if it is well planned.